What Kind of Things Do People Collect?

What Kind of Things Do People Collect?

People all overthe world like to collect items, and there are as many different reasons for doing so as there are collectors. Some do it out of a genuine interest for the item they are collecting. For example, some individuals collect postage stamps because they like to learn about the history of the stamp and where it came from. Others collect items for prestige, such as fine winesor designer watches. They like the feeling that comes with owning such an expensive collection and want to show it off to others. Then there are those who like to collect memorabilia pertaining to something specific, such as their home country, a celebrity, or a specific period of time.

Whatever the reason, there are so many different things people collect. Some are universal such as stamps, wines, and postcards. Others have more unusual collections that some might actually find weird. Take the person who collects airplane sick bags, or the man who has the largest collection of hot sauces in the world. Below we’ll take a look at some of the more popular collectibles:


Despite most of us using digital methods to communicate with one another, and business that do send out mailoften using franking machines instead of stamps, there is still a massive love across the world for stamp collecting, or philately as it is known. There are literally millions of unique stamps that have been issued throughout history, all in different designs and denominations. It is no surprise then that stamp collecting is the largest collecting hobby in the world.


The collection of postcards is known as deltiology, and it continues to be hugely popular. In fact, it comes third behind stamp collecting and the collection of coins/banknotes. It is possible to amass a huge postcard collection for a relatively small outlay, especially as they are sold in villages, towns, and cities all over the world. According to the experts in direct mail marketing, Full Tilt Direct, you might even be able to get your hands on postcards for free as many businesses send them out as part of a postcard marketingcampaign.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records were the main way to listen to music for large parts of the twentieth century but were phased out with the introduction of the CD (compact disc). That didn’t stop people from holding on to their old vinyl records. Vinyl records have made a comeback in recent years though, with many preferring the sound quality of analog over digital. Vinyl record collectors may collect music from a specific genre, from particular artists, or may just have a collection of records from various artists and genres. Vinyl record collections can be worth a lot of money, particularly if they contain some of the more sought-after titles.


With so many books available, you might be wondering what the point of a book collection is. After all, books are now available in digital format so there is no need to collect paper copies that will just gather dust. But book lovers the world overadore scouring through old bookstores or looking online for a fist edition of a classic novel. Some people have impressive collections of rare books that are worth a small fortune.


Antique collecting is actually quite popular and can include things like furniture, jewelry,and ornaments. Some people can even turn their antique collecting into a lucrative business if they have a keen eye for spotting valuable items. Others just love to learn more about the history of the items they have found and the way in which it was made.