The responsibility of the kitchen staff

The organizational structure of the kitchen will vary depending on the size of the company, in this case the type of company is a hotel or restaurant. For example, a restaurant that offers a la carte service will have a different organizational structure from a restaurant with a smaller capacity, responsibility of kitchen staff also vary from Chief Cook (Executive Chef) to Cook / Commis.

What’s more, and there are several sections of the hotel kitchen staff responsibilities. While there are restaurants or hotels that can be said to be the same in reality, they are bound to be found in different organizational structures.

A cook kitchen staff chef is a person whose job is to make recipes, determine and measure cooking ingredients, cook, also serve a dish with the best taste. Not only a matter of taste but also the appearance of the cuisine must look beautiful, and deserve to be paid dearly.

A cook does not only work in preparing the main menu (main course). Cooks also work on making appetizers (appetizers) and desserts (desserts). A Chef usually has their respective areas of expertise. Some are experts in Japanese food, some specialize in Italian cuisine, some focus on French cuisine, there are also Chinese dishes and so on.

Chefs also need to have the technical ability to make food with the same taste. In addition, creative ideas are needed to develop new menus. It is not uncommon for cooks to spend their time experimenting in the kitchen which is their laboratory.

Chief Cook (Executive Chef)

Also known as Chef De Cuisin or simply “Chef”.The job of a chef is more administrative The chef still needs to step in to handle the food.

A chef’s responsibilities include:

  1. It is his responsibility to manage the kitchen.
  2. Arrange the menu
  3. Create standard recipes and food costs
  4. Place order (material).
  5. Make an estimate (prediction) to be achieved.
  6. Leading employees and subordinates.
  7. Supervise the operation of the kitchen, especially when the hotel or restaurant is open.
  8. Assistant Chef (Sous Chef)

Duties and responsibilities are to replace the cook if he is

Absence or leave (holidays).

  1. chef

Chef de Partie oversees the smooth running of one of the restaurants.

part of the responsibility.

Organize and share tasks, work with subordinates, participate

Direct intervention in processed foods.

2. For Chef’s sake

Demi Chef is the representative of Chef de Partie, the duties and responsibilities are the same.

3. Cook / Commis

Each Chef de Partie is assisted by a cook (Cook) in carrying out his duties and

responsibilities and the amount depends on the volume of each work part.