Marketing Strategy To Drive Your Customer Crazy

Have you ever noticed the shiny ads pushed on your screen are constantly changing? Do you remember the last AD that you have seen while surfing the web?

Marketing Strategy To Drive Your Customer Crazy

Most of you might not have even recognized that the shiny image floating on your computer device is ads placed by the advertiser to promote their product or services. Don’t worry you are not ill. We are living in the digital world where everything is changing rapidly. The thing that you are currently observing on the web might not be same after few hours. The marketing business also facing a big challenge to attract the customer showing their ads.

The study shows that people now days have a very short span of attention online. Most of the user just skim the page when they want to read something. It is very hard to grab the attention of your user when they are moving quickly and not bothering about the banner ads placed around the content. The banner ads have become so common that it easily gets ignored. Your brain does not need put any effort to ignore advertisement. It is now automated which making the adds agency to lose a good amount of their revenue. The new trend shows people hardly click on the ads these days.

The reason might be simple either they do not want the product or they know that the image that poping around the content is ADS. Distinguishing the banner ads is easy today.

Now the big challenge for the marketer is how to engage the targeted audience so that they will check the product and take the buying decision.

Social media marketing used to be the best channel for product marketing, but it also having trouble to reach the larger audience. The Facebook algorithm now demoting the post that is shared for the marketing purpose. It is very hard to reach your audience following the traditional Facebook marketing. Even if you have a good number of followers to your page, not all the post that you share will reach them unless the users have chosen to receive them. In such a scenario, reaching the users becomes very difficult. You need something new to stand in the crowd and get the desired exposure from your marketing strategy. Your business needs a proper marketing strategy to acquire new customers.

We have come up with the effective suggestions to make your marketing message stand out and give you require attention.

1) Don’t Board your Audience: No one is interesting the boring message. Make your audience enjoy your shared content. Interesting post reaches more people than the traditional post. Your focus should be minimizing the number of posts and work on the creative aspect of the post. It can be image, video or simple text message that goes with the current trend but sounds more thoughtful.

2) Learn From Competitor: It is very easy to spy on your competitor on the social media. Check their previous post and see what their audience is liking. Understand why people have reacted to a certain post and why other post went flat. Knowing your user’s interest will give you sufficient information that you can use in your post.

New business of Muay Thai in Thailand has great opportunity online. How to improve your health in the best way possible is a good article about Muay Thai training business. You just need to have a basic understanding of the online setup and how the marketing works and you are ready to fly. Setting up social media page and combining your local marketing with the will boost your business over-night. Adapt the change and see how you can use the new marketing strategy to flourish your business.