7 Top Financial Companies in the UK

Financial companies are known to be at the heart of any economy. The financial sector oversees most if not all business exchanges that go on. They make it easy for the populace to meet their monetary needs to appease other aspects of life.

The financial sector in the UK is no different. It has a major influence on the trajectory of the British economy. And because of this relevance, one may see the chance of investing in these companies. If so, a good place to look is reviews websites like luminablog which provides information about companies that offer finance services in Britain.

Now, knowing which financial company to invest in can prove difficult. Thus, let’s have a look at some of the top financial superpowers in the UK.

1.  HSBC

Established in 1865 in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the first on our list is the banking and finance giant, HSBC Holdings PLC. Dabbling in various strata of the banking industry, its expansion has allowed it to reach over 60 countries.

2.  London Stock Exchange Group

Established in 1801, the London Stock Exchange Group runs the stock exchange show in the UK as well as the Italian Stock Exchange. Aside from its role as a stock exchange company, it also has a footing in the IT sector.

3.  Lloyds Banking Group

Established in 1695, the Lloyds Banking Group first existed as the Bank of Scotland. Its main places of operation are Wales and England, but it has ventured into foreign shores like the Middle East, Asia, and the rest of Europe. Its main areas of focus include wealth management, insurance, commercial banking and others.

4.  Prudential

Its major foothold is in the life insurance sector. The Prudential family is branched into Prudential Corporation Asia which provides life insurance in the Asian continent, likewise, the Jackson National Life Insurance Company which operates in the UK, while M&G Prudential covers the European continent. Prudential came into being in 1848 and has developed into a major player in the life insurance sector.

5.  Barclays

Established in 1690, Barclays PLC is an investment outfit in Britain. Although hugely rooted in the investment sector, it also holds sway in the wealth management, corporate banking and investment management fields.

6.  Aviva

Aviva originated in 1696 and is a major player in the insurance sector. Although deeply rooted in the UK, Aviva PLC has found footing in about 16 countries all scattered across Asia, North America and Europe.

7.  Legal & General

This financial services giant was established in 1836. Its areas of operation include mortgages, investment management, pension and a host of others. Its favoured markets are the United Kingdom and the US, but it also has a footing in the Middle East and Asia.

The financial companies listed above are some of the forerunners in the financial sector in the UK. But this does not mean investing in these financial companies is surely going to turn into profit and all the risk will be eroded. Ensure you seek expert’s opinions and research on whatever company you choose to go with.